Clinton Community College is Ranked Third Best Community College in NYS

EDsmart, a leading education research organization, has released its annual ranking of the top community colleges in New York State 2024, showcasing institutions that excel in economic value, affordability, student satisfaction, and academic success. The rankings are based on a composite score derived from key indicators, including salary after attending, average net price, retention rate, and 4-year graduation rate.

The composite score provides a holistic view of each community college's performance, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the overall experience and outcomes for students. EDsmart utilized data from the National Center for Education Statistics' College Navigator to assess and rank each institution.

Key Indicators:

1. Salary After Attending: This indicator provides insight into the economic outcomes for graduates, showcasing the potential return on investment for students.

2. Average Net Price: A measure of the financial burden on students, reflecting the affordability of education at each institution.

3. Retention Rate: An indicator of student satisfaction and institutional quality, emphasizing the ability of the college to retain enrolled students.

4. 4-Year Graduation Rate: Reflects the efficiency and effectiveness of educational programs, demonstrating the success of students in completing their degrees within a four-year timeframe.

Best Community Colleges in NY 2024 Medal
Clinton Community College Excels:
Among the top-performing community colleges in New York State, Clinton Community College proudly secured the third position in the EDsmart ranking. The college achieved an impressive composite score of 97, showcasing excellence in economic value, affordability, student satisfaction, and academic success.

Key Metrics for Clinton Community College:

  • Salary After Attending: $38,436
  • Average Net Price: $7,342
  • Retention Rate: 48%
  • 4-Year Graduation Rate: 34%

This outstanding designation is a testament to the dedication and commitment of Clinton Community College's faculty and staff in providing students with exceptional learning experiences. The institution's commitment to fostering academic success and creating a positive learning environment has contributed to its well-deserved recognition in the top community college rankings.

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