Clinton Community College Foundation Receives a $50,000 Grant

The Clinton Community College Foundation proudly announces the acceptance of a $50,000 grant from Stewart’s Shops and the Dake Family. This grant was made possible through the unwavering support of Stewart's Shops and the Dake Family Fund of The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region and stands as a testament to fostering educational growth within our community.

The allocated funds will bolster the College Advancement Program (CAP), a critical initiative designed to empower Clinton County high school students to enroll in college-level work. This program serves as a guiding force, providing essential resources and opportunities to enrich the educational pathways of local students beyond their high school journey.

Steve Frederick, Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Clinton Community College & Executive Director of the Clinton Community College Foundation, expressed profound gratitude, stating, “Stewart’s Shops and the Dake Family have continually extended their generosity to our CAP program, enabling numerous local families to enroll their high school students in college-level/dual enrollment classes. Their steadfast support has significantly impacted our community, and we are deeply appreciative." Frederick added, "This grant marks a pivotal moment for the College Advancement Program, allowing us to broaden our reach and support more high school students in Clinton County as they transition toward higher education."

The Clinton Community College Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering educational excellence and community development. This grant stands as a pivotal step in advancing their mission. The collaborative efforts between the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region, Stewart's Shops, and the Dake Family Fund vividly showcase the transformative power of community partnerships in effecting positive change.

For detailed information about the Clinton Community College Foundation and its programs, kindly visit Clinton Community College Foundation or contact Steven G. Frederick at 518-562-4103.