CCC Nursing Program Retains Accreditation Following Rigorous Evaluation

Clinton Community College is pleased to announce the successful retention of accreditation for its esteemed nursing program, following a comprehensive review by the Division of Professional Education from the State Education Department. The accreditation reaffirms the program's commitment to excellence in nursing education and its compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations governing registration and accreditation of nursing programs in New York State.

A team from the Division of Professional Education recently visited Clinton Community College to conduct a thorough assessment of the nursing program. The evaluation encompassed various aspects including resources, faculty qualifications, administration, curriculum, admissions procedures, student records, and student information. The accreditation review process ensures that nursing programs maintain the highest standards of quality and uphold the requirements essential for producing skilled and competent nursing professionals.

"We are extremely proud of our nursing program's continued accreditation," said Dr. John Kowal, President of Clinton Community College. "This accomplishment underscores our ongoing dedication to providing exceptional nursing education that meets the needs of our students and the healthcare industry. It reflects the hard work and commitment of our faculty, staff, and students."

Maintaining accreditation is vital for nursing programs as it signifies their adherence to rigorous standards set forth by accrediting bodies and regulatory agencies. Accreditation ensures that graduates of the program are well-prepared to enter the workforce and provide safe, effective, and compassionate care to patients.

"We are grateful for the dedication and expertise of our faculty and staff who continuously strive for excellence in nursing education," said Katrina Evens, Director of Nursing and Allied Health at Clinton Community College. "This accreditation affirms our program's strength and underscores our mission to produce highly competent and compassionate nurses who will make a positive impact in healthcare."

The retention of accreditation for Clinton Community College's nursing program reflects its ongoing commitment to academic quality, student success, and professional excellence. As the program continues to evolve and innovate, it remains steadfast in its mission to educate the next generation of nursing leaders.

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