COVID-19 Pool Testing

Clinton Community College joins other SUNY campuses in the implementation of COVID-19 pool testing of students, staff, and faculty who come to campus. 

Pooled testing will be done every two weeks on Thursdays. Students that are on campus for coursework, , will receive an email informing them of the date and a window of time to arrive at the testing site. Testing will be continuing in this pattern so that students are tested every two weeks. Faculty and staff will be offered the opportunity to be tested at their discretion.

See the full COVID-19 pool testing plan.

Surveillance pool testing uses a saliva-testing method. Students administer the test themselves by swabbing the inside of their mouth for 10 to 15 seconds and providing the saliva sample to personnel trained in handling the samples. Then the samples are sent to SUNY Upstate Medical University where they are processed. The results are communicated to the campus with advisement if isolation may be indicated.