Clinton Triumphs in Thrilling Comeback to Secure First Playoff Victory Since 2013

In a nail-biting encounter that will be etched in Clinton Community College's history, the Cougars emerged victorious in a heart-stopping clash against Jefferson Community College during the first round of the NJCAA Region III playoffs.

The showdown took place at Clinton's home court, marking it the first time the college hosted a playoff game since 2008 and only the second time in its history. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as fans filled the stands to witness a memorable contest.

 bball fans smiling in the stands      bball shooting

Clinton Community College stormed to an early lead of 19-11 with about 10 minutes remaining in the first half, setting the stage for an intense battle. However, a strategic timeout by Jefferson sparked a remarkable turnaround, ending the half on a 26-6 run and establishing a halftime score of 37-25 in their favor.

Undeterred, the Cougars roared back in the second half, scoring on their first five possessions, and reducing the deficit to just four points with 13 minutes to play. The game ebbed and flowed, with both teams fighting for control. A pivotal moment came when Caleb Johnson sunk a crucial 3-pointer, propelling Clinton to a one-point lead.

 bball shooting      bball players posing for the camera

Jefferson responded with a game-tying three-pointer. With 45 seconds remaining, Jefferson took a two-point lead and headed to the free-throw line to seal the game. Making one of two free throws, they left the door open for Clinton.

With nine seconds on the clock, Victor Dueno orchestrated a sensational play. Kymani Harley drove the length of the floor, delivering a precise pass to Joshua Hunter, who found himself double-teamed. A quick pass to Dueno, a savvy fake, a dribble left, and then a deep, game-winning 3-point shot from the top of the arc as time expired. The crowd erupted in cheers as Clinton sealed the victory.

 player and coach celebrating      fan cheering in the stands

This monumental win not only marked Clinton's first playoff triumph since 2013 but also propelled them into the quarterfinals. The Cougars are now set to face Genesee Community College on Friday at 7:30 at Herkimer College, aiming to continue their historic playoff run.

Clinton Community College invites fans and supporters to join them in Herkimer or watch the stream at for what promises to be another exhilarating chapter in their pursuit of NJCAA Region III glory.