Lake Champlain Summer Institute 2023

The Lake Champlain Summer Institute occurred this week on campus. Students received 10 hours of instruction and guidance from local artists. The week ended with a showcase of student work for the campus and community.

Lake Champlain Summer Arts Institute 2023 Morning Group

Summer Arts Institute 2023 Morning Group

CCC and SUNY Plattsburgh instructor and professional author and artist, David Monette, lead the “Drawing Monsters” and “Soft Charcoal” workshops. Students in the drawing monsters class used techniques to create realistic 3- dimensional drawings while the soft charcoal students focused on two methods to create dynamic images.

           Drawing Monsters        Drawing Monsters

   Drawing Monsters        Drawing Monsters

Monster Drawing     Soft Charcoal Drawing

CCC professor and professional artist, Ian Burcroff, lead the “Printmaking” workshop where students carved images into wood or linoleum and made various editions of prints.

Samantha's Artwork

Elosie's Artwork

Local photographer and CCC and SUNY Plattsburgh adjunct instructor, Laura Sells-Doyle, lead the “Photograms & Cyanotypes” workshop in which students explored and practiced historic photographic processes.

Photograms & Cyanotypes Artwork

Adirondack artist and former Artist in Residence at Adirondack Interpretive, Center Dennon Walantus, lead the “Plein Air Painting-Acrylics” workshop where students painted outside using the campus, Lake Champlain, and the Green Mountains as inspiration.

         Plein Air Painting-Acrylics      Plein Air Painting-Acrylics

          Plein Air Painting-Acrylics      Plein Air Painting-Acrylics

        Plein Air Painting-Acrylics Artwork       Plein Air Painting-Acrylics Artwork

“We had incredibly talented young artists this year and an impressive lineup of instructors and workshops,” stated Carey Goyette, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “This is a great opportunity for young art enthusiasts in the region to get hands-on experience and one-on-one instruction from professional artists. The Summer Arts Camp encourages young artists’ passion for the arts while building their skills. CCC is thrilled to continue to host this camp for our community.”

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