Academic or Aid Appeal

A student who has been dismissed from the College must submit an appeal before enrolling for any subsequent coursework.

A student who has had Financial Aid funding revoked after experiencing a life situation beyond their control, may submit an appeal as long as they have proof of the event.

Proof of situation for aid appeals should be provided DIRECTLY TO THE OFFICE OF Financial Aid. ASAP- If you are simply seeking academic reinstatement, you do NOT need any proof. This appeal will suffice.

This appeal is your chance to let the Academic or Aid Committee know you've experienced a hardship that was beyond your control. 

For purposes of financial aid reinstatement, you must provide proof from a third party to corroborate what you are basing your appeal on. 

Examples may include: accident paperwork, doctor's note, counseling letter etc.

If you lost financial aid eligibility, but had no circumstances beyond your control, please speak with the aid office to see how you can take classes at your own expense and earn your aid back by raising your GPA.
                                                 Thank you.

First Name Middle Initial Last Name
Please list ANY previous last names you have used.
Current street address
Current City, State, and Zip Code
Current phone number we can reach you at regarding this appeal
Current Email other than CCC account, where we can reach you regarding this appeal
part time is less than 12 credits, full time is 12 or more credits
For purposes of an aid appeal, you must give us proof of situation.
Aid waivers may only be used ONE TIME- use them wisely.

If you are asking for financial aid to be reinstated-

Can you provide proof of the situation that you based the appeal on?
Once the third party proof is received by the aid office, your appeal will be reviewed.  You may fax to 518-562-4373 or mail to Financial Aid Office 136 Clinton Pt. Drive-Plattsburgh, NY 12901.

Thank You