Policy on Missing Students

A Missing Student is defined as any student who resides in a facility owned or operated by Clinton Community College and is reported missing from his or her residence on campus.

Residence Hall Students

Any person who believes a student is missing should be directed to Campus Security in the Moore Building (Room 125), phone number: (518) 562-4215.

Campus Security will initiate a Missing Student Incident Report.

Campus Security will escort, or contact via phone after hours, the individual filing the report to the Dean for Student Affairs. The following Level I protocol occurs during the first 60 minutes:

  • Residence hall room check
  • Call student cell phone
  • Discussion with roommate
  • Discussion with RA and friends
  • Check meal plan usage
  • Check vehicle
  • Review of class attendance
  • Check with employer (if possible)
  • Check hospital admittance records
  • Check cameras
  • Check residence hall access card reader
  • Check emergency contact number

Based on information gathered, and conversation with the emergency contact person, the Dean for Student Affairs will decide if this case escalates to a Level II protocol. Level II protocol includes:

  • Make a copy of ID card picture, circulate an "All Points Bulletin" to Campus Security at CCC and University Police at Plattsburgh State University
  • Notification to local law enforcement and transfer of information
  • Notification to the college's crisis management team
  • Notification to the Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement for possible press contacts/questions
  • Notification to Assistant Vice Chancellor for University Policy at SUNY System

Commuter Students

Off campus individuals who contact a College office in an attempt to locate a student should be transferred to the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs to file a Missing Persons Incident Report or for the Dean to attempt delivery of a message to the student assumed missing.

 (12/16/09 BOT)