How to Register

In order to register, students must first meet with their academic advisor. During these meetings students can expect their advisors to help them select courses and discuss degree requirements. Be prepared by following the steps in this checklist before meeting with your advisor.


Find out who your advisor is by logging onto the Student Portal.  Your advisor's name is located in the top left hand corner of the screen.  Click on the advisor name for contact information.
*Most part time students have Counseling and Advising listed as their advisor and should contact the Counseling and Advising office for a registration appointment. 

___ Print your unofficial transcript from the Student Portal.

___ Review your degree requirements/graduation worksheet , available at Degrees and Certificates , to see what courses you  still need to take.

___ Look at the Master Course Schedule to see what courses are being offered.

___ Think about what times and days are best for you during the upcoming semester.

___ Obtain a registration card from the Registrar's Office (1st floor of the Moore Building).

____Check Registration Dates.