Academic Advising

Academic advisors are available to help students make the most of the opportunities at Clinton Community College.  While advisors and other support personnel at the College will assist and guide each student, ultimate responsibility for knowing which courses fulfill degree requirements lies with students.

Advisors must open the student's registration portal before they will be allowed to register for courses, however the relationship between an advisor and a student is much more than a signature or enabling the registration portal. When both students and advisors understand their responsibilities, these relationships can be instrumental in a successful college career.

Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Help students assess their strengths and weaknesses and clarify their educational goals.
  • Connect students with services necessary to accomplish their goals.
  • Remain current with degree requirements, prerequisites and Clinton Community College policies and procedures.
  • Assist in course selection.

 Student Responsibilities:

  • Schedule appointments with your advisor during preregistration periods. Bring with you a copy of your transcript, degree requirements and a list of tentative courses you plan to take.
  • Know and understand your degree requirements. This information can be found in the College Catalog and on the website at Degrees and Certificates.
  • Check your Clinton email account regularly.
  • Maintain your current name, address, and contact information with the College. Changes can be made through the Registrar's Office.

To learn more about Academic Advising at Clinton Community College, please contact Chrisa O'Connell, Coordinator of Campus Advising, Student Support Services Counselor.

Moore Bldg., 1st floor
Room 147M
Phone: 518-562-4144


Chrisa O'Connell
Advisement Coordinator

Christina Cannon
Student Support Services Counselor