Care Report


Any student, faculty, staff, family or community member can make a report of concern that they may have about a student. Concerns may be academic, such as poor performance in class, or personal, such as a student who seems depressed or is experiencing a difficult situation. CARE reports should not be used to report campus incidents. The incident report form found on the Student Affairs webpage should be used in such cases.

CARE REPORTS go directly to the Coordinator of Student Support Services to be reviewed. Based on the nature of the concern, an appropriate person, such as a Counselor, Director of Campus Life or the Learning Resource Specialist, will be asked to follow up with the student. In serious cases, the concern may need to be brought to the Dean of Student Affairs or the Clinton CARE team. 

Reporters may choose to remain anonymous. In some cases, such as faculty concerns about a student’s academic performance, this does not apply, however in cases of personal concern; the reporter has the option to remain anonymous.

 YES. Students, who are having a problem and would like someone to reach out to them, may make a self report.


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