Sexual Assault Resources

Sexual Assault What Every Student Needs to Know

What is Sexual Assault?

Clinton Community College defines Sexual Assault as touching someone sexually without them agreeing (consenting) to that sexual contact.

 Sexual assault includes:

  • Forced and/or unwanted sexual intercourse
  • Forced and/or unwanted sexual touching
  • Engaging in sexual activity with someone who is unable to consent due to being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol 

Sexual Assault is a violation of the Clinton Community College student code of conduct and New York State law.

 Sexual assault is:

  • NOT about what the victim was wearing.
  • NOT determined by whether or not the victim fought back.
  • NOT any less traumatic if the perpetrator is someone the victim knows.
  • NOT the victims' fault!

What should I do if I have been sexually assaulted?

First, get to a safe place. This is not only a place where you are physically safe, but also an emotionally safe place where you can begin to process what has happened.

Many victims feel confused and overwhelmed and are unsure of what to do after an assault. No one can tell you what to do; you have to decide what is best for you.

The following information may help you decide what to do. 

Medical attention:

You should get medical attention whether or not you feel injured. You may have injuries you cannot see. This can be done at your own doctor's office or at a clinic.

If you are considering pressing charges you should have a forensic exam completed. CVPH, Alice Hyde, and Adirondack Medical Center all have Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) programs. SANE nurses receive specialized training in the collection of forensic evidence in cases of sexual assault.


 Sexual Assault is one of the most under-reported crimes. The decision whether or not to report is a very personal and challenging one. If you do decide to report an assault you may find it helpful to bring a supportive person with you.

If the perpetrator is a CCC student you have the option of going through the CCC disciplinary process. You do not have to file criminal charges in order to pursue disciplinary action at CCC.

Referral Services: 

Services are available on campus through the Counseling and Advisement Office located at Room 145M. Off campus services are offered through Sexual Assault Services, call for an appointment (518-825-6277) or visit Planned Parenthood Sexual Assault Website.


  • You are not to blame; it is not your fault!
  • You are not alone; there are people on and off campus that want to help you.
  • Take care of yourself! Self-care is very important after experiencing trauma.

Myths and Facts:

Myth It can't happen to me.

Fact This is something we all would like to believe. The reality is that sexual assault occurs to women and men of all ages, sexual orientations, races, religions, ethnicities and social & economic backgrounds.

Myth Sexual assault is provoked by the victim.

Fact No one's dress, behavior or past sexual history welcomes or provokes rape.

Myth Only women are sexually assaulted.

Fact Men can be and ARE sexually assaulted by other men and women.

Myth Sexual assault occurs at night in a dark alley or parking garage by strangers.

Fact Most sexual assaults occur in a residence or other known place to the victim. The majority of sexual assault survivors know their perpetrator.

Other Resources:


(24 hour hotline)

 562-4215 Moore Building across from the Bookstore


562-4121  Moore Building, 113M
 562-4129  Stafford Building, 107T
 562-4199  Stafford Center, 311T