New Accepted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Clinton Community College!

The next step to enroll is to complete a placement test and register for classes. Based on your student type, please find the appropriate path to schedule your placement test and/or class registration session(s).

For more information about placement testing, click here.

New Transfers, New Part-time, Online Learners and Adult Learners (Students 25 years of age or older): Contact the Counseling and Advisement Office to discuss your registration process or call (518) 562-4199.

New First-Time, Full-Time Students: The Admissions staff will help you select a placement test and registration session.  

We understand that as new students you have busy schedules. We offer different formats for test and registration sessions. 

  1. Combined Day: A combined day includes placement testing followed by class registration. A convenient option for students to get it all done in one day! 
  2. Placement Test or Registration Session: Schedule your placement test for one day, and register for classes on another day. This option is for students who live nearby campus but have limited time each day.
  3. NYC Registration Session: For students living in the NYC area, Clinton holds sessions at the SUNY Center for Student Recruitment on 42nd Street. Students can take their placement test and complete a survey which will allow us to select a schedule of classes to suit your needs, program and schedule-wise. (NYC Registration Dates TBA.)

Click here to schedule your Placement Test and Registration.

To discuss alternative class registration options, please contact Admissions Advisor Donna S. Dixon

Stafford Bldg., 1st floor
Room 103T

Phone: 518-562-4170
Toll-Free: 800-552-1160
Fax: 518-562-4373