Mission, Vision and Values Statements

The Mission

The mission of Clinton Community College is to provide educational opportunities in an inclusive and safe environment that empower individuals to create their own paths to personal and professional growth.

Vision Statement

As a result of our efforts in Clinton County and the North Country, Clinton Community College helps students bridge academic, economic, technological and cultural divides, participate in local and global communities and enhance their lives in practical and visionary ways.

Core Values

  • Access and success
  • Students
  • Community
  • Excellence
  • Integrity

Strategic Goals

  • Increase Access to Postsecondary Education in Our Region
  • Increase Retention/Success to Help Our Students and the People of Our Region Reach Their Full Potential
  • Promote a Culture of Scholarship and Learning
  • Create a Culture that Embraces Internationalism and Diversity as Essential to the Economy and the Quality of Life of Our Region
  • Create a Comprehensive Professional Development Program in Support of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Develop an Improved Campus Infrastructure that Supports Student Access & Success
  • Develop a Brand Identity that Distinguishes Us and Reflects Our Commitment to a Brighter Future