Mission, Vision and Values Statements

The Mission

The mission of Clinton Community College is to provide educational opportunities in an inclusive and safe environment that empower individuals to create their own paths to personal and professional growth.

Vision Statement

As a result of our efforts in Clinton County and the North Country, Clinton Community College helps students bridge academic, economic, technological and cultural divides, participate in local and global communities and enhance their lives in practical and visionary ways.

Core Values

In order to provide the highest quality educational experiences and maintain a welcoming environment to all students, faculty and staff, Clinton Community College holds the following core values that we express in all that we do as a college community:

  • Success/Quality
    The highly qualified faculty and staff at Clinton Community College continually deliver strong and diverse career- and transfer-relevant educational programs.  Institutional engagement, small class size and integrated student support provide for effective individualized attention to students which focuses on their personal goal attainment and culminating in their graduation. 
  • Respect 
    Clinton Community College is dedicated to the respect of all community members by continually working to create a positive organizational atmosphere.  Respecting diversity, maintaining a safe learning environment, and engaging in communication based on transparency and inclusiveness are hallmarks of the College's organizational culture.  
  • Access
    Clinton Community College offers opportunity for study to students from diverse demographic backgrounds in Clinton County and beyond.  Access to academic programs, courses and training is enhanced by the College's level of preparedness, dedicated technology for teaching and learning and affordability of attendance.
  • Region 
    Clinton Community College has a strong partnership with its sponsor, Clinton County, and a plethora of local and regional businesses, agencies, and educational institutions. These strong community partnerships are essential for building and maintaining a strong workforce development capacity. 

Strategic Goals

  • Strategic Goal 1: Provide dynamic and innovative learning experiences through quality teaching that lead to success of students in achieving educational, career and personal enrichment goals.
  • Strategic Goal 2: Stabilize student enrollment by adapting to changing institutional environment, addressing critical resource needs, and implementing a highly integrated approach to student retention.
  • Strategic Goal 3: Build and maintain effective and efficient operational systems with strategically guided resource allocation and data-informed decision making.
  • Strategic Goal 4: Maintain and expand partnerships and collaborations with businesses, agencies, and educational institutions to diversify options for students for career placement or advancement.