Self-Study Design

Strategic Planning as the Foundation for the Self-Study

As the College was preparing for the launch of its Middle States accreditation self-study, it began, in tandem, the development of a new Strategic Plan. The Institutional Priorities that were identified as the focus of the self-study became the framework for the Strategic Plan, anchored by the College's mission and values. The Strategic Planning Committee engaged the campus community in the development of the new plan through group activities and public opportunities for input. Using the information gleaned from these events, the Strategic Planning Committee developed a draft of the goals, associated key strategies, and core objectives within the framework of the Institutional Priorities. 

The Strategic Planning Committee solicited input from all constituents and stakeholders to maintain an inclusive process of plan development.  The committee invited the college community to give feedback on the draft of the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan via multiple channels including regular business meetings, online submissions, and campus events. The draft was presented to the Board of Trustees for final approval on November 24, 2020.

Read CCC's 2020-2025 Strategic Plan (pdf)

The purpose of the Self-Study Design

The Self-Study Design is a document, developed collaboratively by members of the CCC Middle States Steering Committee, that serves as a roadmap for the self-study process. It communicates to campus constituencies and the Middle States Commission the Intended outcomes of the self-study; the campus's mission-centric plan for addressing the Standards for Accreditation, Requirements of Affiliation, and federal compliance requirements; the organizational structure of the Steering Committee and its Work Groups; and the timetable for major reporting deadlines and events. The Self-Study Design will provide guidance to the Steering Committee and Work Groups and help to assess their progress throughout the self-study process.

Read CCC's Self-Study Design (pdf)

Intended Outcomes of the Self-Study

As a result of the comprehensive self-analysis, Clinton Community College hopes to:

  1. Demonstrate how the College meets the MSCHE Standards of Accreditation, Requirements of Affiliation, and compliance with accreditation-relevant federal regulations.

  2. Produce an in-depth and reflective document that identifies clear opportunities and strategies for continuous improvement in the attainment of the College's mission and its institutional priorities.

  3. Engage all sectors of the campus community in an inclusive and transparent self-evaluation process.

  4. Clarify our institutional assessment processes and effectively communicate how assessment results are used to inform planning and improvements in the overall student experience. 

  5. Establish a clear plan for resource allocation that will put Clinton Community College on a path toward financial sustainability.