Major Milestones for the Accreditation

October 2019 Leadership Team attends Self-Study Institute
November 2019 President selects Self-Study co-chairs;
President holds Town Hall for campus; launches Middle States Self-Study 
January 2020 President appoints Steering Committee;
Steering Committee holds inaugural meeting
February 2020 Work Group Kick-off event held
March 2020 NYS Governor signs executive order requiring all non-essential workers to stay at home due to COVID-19 pandemic;
Campus transitions to remote delivery of educational and support service
April 2020  Work Groups submit research questions to co-chairs
May 2020  Self-Study Preparation Visit, originally scheduled for May 1, is postponed due to college closures in response to COVID-19 pandemic
 CCC submits draft of Self-Study Design to Middle States Liaison
October 2020 Remote Self-Study Preparation Visit by Dr. Paul Starkey, MSCHE VP
CCC submits final version of Self-Study Design to Middle States Liaison
December 2020 Work Groups submit first draft of chapter reports to Steering Committee
February - May 2021 Steering Committee reviews chapter drafts and provides feedback to Work Groups
Work Groups submit revised chapter reports to Steering Committee
June - August 2021  Steering Committee develops first draft of Self-Study Report
September 2021 Steering Committee presents draft of Self-Study Report to campus, Board of Trustees, and community and solicits feedback

Co-chairs submit Self-Study Report draft to Evaluation Team Chair
October 2021 Steering Committee incorporates feedback into Self-Study Report

Steering Committee presents an update to the Board of Trustees and holds a Q&A session 
December 2021 Evaluation Chair virtual visit with Board of Trustees
January 2022 Steering committee finalizes Self-Study Report based on Team Chair's feedback
February - March 2022 Steering Committee prepares for Evaluation Team site visit

President and co-chairs hold town hall meeting in preparation of evaluation team visit

CCC uploads final Self-Study Report/Verification of Federal Compliance/Evidence Inventory to MSCHE portal (six weeks prior to team visit)
April 2022 Evaluation Team visits campus
Evaluation Team sends report to CCC
College prepares institutional response to Evaluation Team Report
Summer 2022 Middle States Commission meets to determine accreditation action