CAP Student Eligibility Requirements

To participate in CAP courses, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Junior or senior standing (sophomore exception info in CAP handbook)
  • Have a minimum of a "B" average (as defined as a minimum 80% GPA)
  • Meet all CAP course prerequisites and corequisites as noted in Appendix F of the CAP Handbook.

Additional participation criteria may also apply and is determined by each individual high school.

Placement Guidelines

Most credit-bearing courses at CCC require college-level reading and writing skills. These courses require placement into English Composition (ENG0101) and placement evaluation indicating the student has college-level reading skills.  Failure to meet the reading and writing requirement will impact the student's eligibility to enroll in CAP courses. There are a few college courses that have been officially approved as exceptions to the required reading and writing placement policy, and these are noted on the CAP Course Prerequisites & Corequisites chart in the CAP Handbook.

Placement Criteria

Site coordinators and/or school counselors are required to verify that placement requirements (and any prerequisite or corequisites) for each course have been met. The Early College Pathways Coordinator is available to address any questions regarding placement.