CAP Student Eligibility Requirements

To participate in CAP courses, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Junior or senior standing (sophomore exemption info in CAP handbook)
  • Have a minimum of a "B" average (as defined as a minimum 80% GPA)
  • Successfully complete math placement requirements/prerequisites for all courses
  • Successfully complete English placement requirements/prerequisites
  • Complete CCC prerequisites/placement and corequisite requirements for all courses as stated in the CCC College Catalog

Additional participation criteria may also apply and is determined by each individual high school.

Placement Guidelines

Most credit-bearing courses at CCC require college-level reading and writing skills. These courses require placement into English Composition (ENG0101) and placement scores that indicate the student has college-level reading skills.  Failure to meet the reading and writing requirement will impact the student's eligibility to enroll in CAP courses. There are a few college courses that have been officially approved as exceptions to the required reading and writing placement testing policy, and these are noted on the CAP pre/co-requisite worksheet in the CAP Handbook. 

Placement Criteria

Site coordinators and/or school counselors are required to verify that placement requirements (and any prerequisite and/or co-requisites) for each course have been met. A site coordinator's signature on a registration card is required and indicates verification that a student has met pre/co-requisites, taken the appropriate placement tests and, therefore, can register for the courses indicated on the registration card.  The Academic Outreach Coordinator and CAP Coordinator are available to address any questions regarding placement testing. 

Scheduling Placement Testing

Placement testing for the CAP program takes place in the spring semester, typically May and June, prior to the end of the school year.  Site coordinators will work with the Learning Skills Coordinator in the Tutoring Center to set up a day for testing at the high school. The Academic Outreach Coordinator can assist with the scheduling process, if necessary.

Placement tests can be scheduled at all high schools that offer CAP courses. Students may also take the placement test at CCC if they miss the test offering at the high school.  They will need to contact the placement testing office to schedule a test and must identify themselves as a CAP student when registering for the test.  Contact information for scheduling a placement test can be found in CAP Handbook.

For courses with prerequisites:

Many CCC courses have prerequisite coursework that must be completed prior to registration. Some courses have corequisites that must be completed prior to registration or completed at the same time as the main course of interest.

Students must demonstrate that the prerequisite has been met by:

  1. Completing the prerequisite coursework, or
  2. a satisfactory score on a CCC placement exam, or
  3. meeting CCC placement criteria.