CAP Course Tuition and Registration

CAP Tuition Cost

CAP Tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year is $70.00 per credit hour.  For example, a three credit course will cost $210.00.  The tuition for a CAP student is substantially lower than that of a student taking the same on-campus course at CCC.  The Clinton Community College Foundation has some scholarship money available for eligible students. To apply for the scholarship please complete the CAP Scholarship Application.


CAP registrations will be held on site at each high school prior to the fall and spring semesters. Only students who qualify through placement testing and meet the criteria for the CAP program as outlined in Student Eligibility and Placement Guidelines can register for courses. CAP representatives along with the site coordinator will be present to assist students with the registration process.

The following information is required for the college to process a student registration:

  1. Social Security Number-a student cannot register without providing a social security number.
  2. Completed Registration Card- registration card must be completed with all required signatures (student and HS CAP Site Coordinator) and enrollment information for each course.

Registration paperwork that does not include a social security number, student signature, or site coordinator signature will be considered incomplete and cannot be processed.

The following must be received by the Bursars Office for the student to remain registered in their course(s):

  1. Certificate of Residency-proof of residency is required to receive the NYS student tuition rates and subsequent CAP tuition discount.
  2. Payment- tuition payment must be received by the due date outlined in the CAP calendar.

**If a certificate of residency is not on file or payment is not received by the due date the students' enrollment in the course(s) will be canceled.

Registration for fall courses will begin in the second week of September. Registration for spring courses will begin at the end of January. Each semester, students will be allowed to register for classes until the deadline specified in the CAP Calendar approved by Clinton Community College. Registrations received after the deadline will be returned to the student and he or she will not be able to receive credit for the course.

Retroactive registration will not occur and the student cannot receive credit for a course they did not register or pay for within the semester deadlines outlined in the College approved CAP Calendar.