Life Experience Credit

Earn college credit for prior learning experience. CCC recognizes that college learning can be acquired outside the traditional classroom setting. Students can obtain college credit based on knowledge acquired through their prior learning (work/life) by four methods:

  • Direct Conversion
  • Standardized CLEP Tests
  • Proficiency Exams
  • Portfolio Review

To be awarded life experience credit via portfolio review, the learning outcomes must be shown to be equivalent to a similar college classroom experience. The student works with a faculty member to determine if the life experience credit they seek aligns with a particular course offering (i.e., practicum, internship, clinical experience, or another course).  If it is determined that the life experience does align, the student assembles a portfolio to show how they have met each of the student learning outcomes in the course for which they are seeking life experience credit.  Once the portfolio has been approved as meeting the course objectives, the student pays one-third the tuition of the course.

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