Classification of Students

There are different classifications of students here at Clinton Community College for student status: New Students, Continuing Students, Returning Students, and Non-Matriculated Students.

New Students (Matriculated):

New matriculated (degree-seeking) students at Clinton Community College have never taken credit classes at Clinton before. All new students must complete an application through the Admissions Office.

Continuing Students:

A Continuing student is currently attending credit classes and registers for the next semester. Continuing students do not "stop", but rather, take classes from one semester to the next until they complete their degree programs. Continuing students are offered an early opportunity to register before course selection is open to new or returning students. Continuing students pre-register with the help of their academic advisors.

Returning Students:

A Returning student is one who has interrupted their attendance at CCC. They "stop out" for a period of time before returning to complete their degrees or certificates. Returning students should contact the Admissions Office to complete a re-entry form.

Full Time Students:

Students earning 12 or more credit hours a semester are considered full time.

Part Time Students:

Students earning fewer than 12 credit hours per semester are considered part time.

Non-Matriculated Students:

Students who are not seeking a degree or certificate at the time of admission, are not interested in receiving financial aid, and who wish to waive placement testing and academic advisement which would normally determine the suitability of their courses for degree fulfillment or transfer credit.