How to Enable Online Registration

In order for students to register online they need to receive permission from their advisor. This permission is provided through the 'Stop Registration' flag located in the faculty portal. When this flag is checked, the student will be prevented from going into the registration portal and will receive a message that they must first see you. By un-checking the 'Stop Registration' flag, you will enable a student to register.

Steps to Enable Online Registration

Step 1: Meet with Student

  • We strongly recommend that you lift the 'Stop Registration' Flag during, or immediately after, meeting with the student. If you forget to lift the hold, the student will be unable to register!

Step 2: Login to Faculty Portal.

  • Make sure that the term being used when logging in is the term for which the student intends to register. So, if the student is registering for Fall 2019, it should read FA-19!

Step 3: Click 'Stop Registration' on left-hand navigation under 'Registration'

Step 4: Ensure that the Term is Correct

  • The term will be listed in the upper left-hand side. Again, the term should be the term for which the student intends to register.

Step 5: Un-Check the 'Stop Registration' Box

  • This page should list the students who are in CAMS as your advisees. Find the appropriate student and unclick the box to the left of their name.

Step 6: Click 'Save' at the Bottom of the Page

Step 7: Confirm that You Have Lifted the 'Stop Registration Flag'

  • You should receive a message starting that the save was successful. The page should also reset and the check should be removed from the 'Stop Registration' box.

Step 8: Enable Registration for Another Term (Optional)

  • If the student is registering for another term (i.e. summer and/or winter) simply change the term at the top of the screen and repeat steps 5-9 to enable registration for another term.

Important Reminders:

  1. If a student is looking to register for multiple terms (Spring or Summer), his or her stop registration flag must be lifted for EACH term.
  2. If a student is changing his or her curriculum, it is imperative that he or she complete the 'Change of Curriculum/Advisor' form and hand it in prior to registration. If this is not done, the student may not be able to register for his or her intended courses.
  3. If you are not able to find a student in the 'Stop Registration' page it probably means that the student is not listed as your advisee in CAMS. If you'd like the student to be your advisee, please have them fill out a 'Change of Curriculum/Advisor' form.


Need More Assistance?

If you have reviewed the information above and still need assistance, there are plenty of resources to help you learn about online registration. We recommend the following:

If you have further questions after reviewing these links, please contact the Registrar's Office at (518) 562-4124.