Non-Matriculating Students

Non-Degree Seeking Status

This status is reserved for students who are not seeking a degree or certificate at the time of admission, are not interested in receiving financial aid, and who wish to waive placement testing and academic advisement which would normally determine the suitability of their courses for degree fulfillment or transfer credit. Because of these conditions, enrolling for classes under this status is streamlined. The Non-Matriculated Student Status is designed to allow any interested individual to attend college credit courses without declaring a major or seeking a degree. Students who register under this status for a given semester may not matriculate until the following semester. This status is most suited to students who wish to enroll in courses for the following reasons: personal enrichment, learning/upgrading job skills, fulfilling degree requirements for another institution.

Non-Matriculated Students*

Students who are not seeking a degree or certificate and are not interested in receiving financial aid (student loans included) need to:

  1. Non-Matriculated Registration Form, sign electronically and submit electronically. Non-Matriculated student registration cards can also be printed and submitted to the Registrar's Office (in person, via email or fax: (518) 562-4118).
  2. Submit immunization records to the College Nurse, if applicable. View Requirements. The nurse can be reached by calling (518) 562-4129.
  3. Pay for classes by due date specified on bill.

*Note: Non-matriculated students who are active duty in the military, veterans, veteran spouses, or veteran dependents are strongly encouraged to contact the Veteran's Certifying Official Paula A. Brooks located in the Financial Aid Office prior to registration.


Questions about the registration process should be directed to the Registrar's Office at (518) 562-4124.